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Chelation Therapy for Autism – Are We in the Right Path

Parents of autistic children will become desperate in their search for an effective cure of the autism in their child. The situation will turn to be more traumatic when they come to know that there is no cure for autism and they can do nothing in the matter.

In majority of other ailments or diseases, parents can have a good relationship with the child and can show their concerns that may comfort the child to certain extent. Where as in autism, the afflicted child will enter into his/her own world of solitude and never mingle with the outside world. And in such a scenario, even the parents cannot do any thing and they can be only a silent spectator to the unfolding events.

Autistic children never respond to outside stimulus and they cry or laugh very little and that too in solitude. They also shun or dislike comforting gestures such as touching or hugging and hence the parents are left wondering as what to do next.

What Exactly Is Involved in Chelation Therapy for Autism

Chelation therapy is a kind of de-toxifying treatment used in removing lead and mercuric toxicity in humans. In this method, a binding agent or the popular chelation agent will be administered into the body, which in turn will bind with the free lead or mercuric toxic radicals and flush them out. Some of the commonly used binding agents are DMSA (known to be safest amongst the available ones), DMPS and the lipoic acid.

In certain cases a combination of such compounds will also be put to use. The chelation process should strictly be done under the supervision of an experienced doctor, as the treatment is known for its side effects of affecting vital internal organs such as heart, kidney and liver.

Now for having understood little about the chelation therapy for autism, you should not jump to conclusions that removal of lead and mercury from the autistic person body can reverse the autistic condition and make the person normal. The truth is that by just removing the toxins from the body, you cannot bring back the autistic person to his/her original better form.

The FDA has not yet approved usage of the chelation agents in children and there are no medical research findings to support chelation therapy for autism for its effectiveness. But, despite the absence of any concrete or proven results, people are still going after such treatments with an only hope that they will get respite one day.

To instill some confidence one may say and prove that the chelation therapy for autism has worked wonders, but the results are very scattered and you cannot just rely on such sporadic cases. In many cases doctors used to desist from prescribing the chelation therapy for autism for their patients.

In reality, many people are going for the chelation therapy for autism, as many doctors are still practicing it. The administration of chelation therapy for autism is very much legal and that makes for its presence despite the absence of any FDA approval. Before you could make your mind to go for the treatment, you should consider the cost involved.

Any normal treatment will cost you $75 to $125 for single sitting and for any successful or at least noticeable improvement the child should be subjected to a minimum of 40 to 75 treatment cycles. Also be aware that insurance companies also does not cover such type of treatments and it has to be done under the direct supervision of a doctor all the times.

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