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Characteristics of High Functioning Autism

Autism is a neurological development disorder that triggers a series of behavioural maladies such as impairment in social skills, impairment in language learning and communication abilities.

Autism afflicted children normally avoid eye contacts with adults including their parents and would like to retract to solitude. They also dislike or indifferent to affectionate gestures such as touching and hugging.

The spectrum of autism is of two kinds namely low functioning and high functioning autism. In a low functioning category the afflicted person will have difficulty in speech and communication and they also will lack in self-caring abilities. In the case of high functioning autism, the afflicted person will have high IQ and is regarded as genius some times, but they lack in understanding non-verbal communication and social skills.

Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome is considered as a form of high functioning autism and it was named after the Austrian scientist who first defined it. Persons afflicted by such autism disorder may have an IQ level of 85 and above and they are normally adept in taking care of themselves when grownup.

This type of Asperger Autism was first noticed in 1944, but the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) refused to accept the findings and make a note in their journal for nearly 50 years. Failure in recognising this type of autism has lead to many grownup persons suffering from high functioning autism not getting diagnosed and they all lost the valuable treatment to alleviate the sufferings.

With the following six type of symptoms as mentioned in the DSM, you can be able to identify Asperger Syndrome in a person:

1. Impairment or total absence of quality social skills such as interaction, etc.
2. Presence of interest towards odd items and interests towards repetitive, restricted and stereotyped behaviors
3. Lack of coordination in vital areas of functioning
4. Despite the impaired social skills, there will not be any lacuna in language learning
5. Near normal mental development, self-help skills and adaptive behaviors (other than social skills)
6. Majority of the symptoms will be similar to the symptoms of specific pervasive developmental disorder or schizophrenia and hence note to differentiate

Persons afflicted with asperger syndrome are in fact regarded as normal person barring few odd behaviour. They are usually regarded as aloof, but communicate in a normal way showing interests towards few special areas and engage in uninterruptible monologue on such interested topics. Asperger syndrome affected persons can lead a productive and gleaming life provided they are not put in a circumstance that may need social interaction.

High Functioning Autism

It has been observed that persons with high functioning autism have an IQ of 85 and above and they show a restraint when it comes to social interaction or mingling. The reason for usage of “high functioning” word can be attributed to the skills present in asperger syndrome person that can help them in leading independent life.

And where as the “autism” word part refers to traits that restrict persons from free social interaction and the inability to understand the non-verbal communication. There will be a tendency to take the spoken word literally and asperger syndrome affected persons will love to repeat few restricted movements.

They are also not able to concentrate due to the sensory overload that may result in frustration expressed more violently and visibly. Despite the fact of persons afflicted with high functioning autism looking normal, they still require some help and treatment for mending various other behaviours.

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