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Defeat Autism Now, Lest You Cannot Do it Later

The mindset of the parents of autistic children will be disgusting and the harsh fact of non-existence of any cure can further add to their woes. The parents of the autistic children have to necessarily depend on treatments or therapies for betterment of their children’s social and language skills and as well as for motor coordination.

Parents of the autistic children have to set aside their long cherished dreams about their children and concentrate on various therapies for setting right the impairment in their children. The only immediate option for parents of autistic children will be “defeat autism now”, as an early therapy can greatly improve the chance of the child leading a normal life.

Knowing The Cause

Members or the followers of the defeat autism now movement are vigorously influencing the lawmakers and authorities concerned for supporting research on autism and autism cure. The forum which has the most of the autism afflicted children’s parents as members is an active movement today and is responsible for many of the today’s known advancements in autism therapies.

Many people believe that the environmental pollution caused by heavy metals such as lead and mercury is the main cause for autism in a child. There is one more school of though that put the blame on the thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative found in childhood vaccines, for causing autism in children.

Whatever may be the thoughts or assumptions, all people who have some association with autism strongly believe that arriving at the root cause of autism is the suitable way to defeat autism now.

Finding a Cure

The parents of the autistic children still continue to be the driving force behind the movement that fights for finding a cure. Further, the emphasis is on ascertaining the true cause for autism first, as finding a cure for the identified cause will be easy and the research can give the much sought after cure for autism.

Some parents of the autistic kids prefer to get their children treated for removal of mercuric toxins from the body and few other parents like to depend or lay their faith on the vitamin supplements and special diets as a mode of treatment. But the impact of special diets and vitamin supplements are still in the research stage and is yet to be accepted an effective treatment method for fighting autism.

When it comes to the spectrum of autism disorders, the severity of the symptoms will vary widely and are accordingly classified as low-functioning and high-functioning ones. In the spectrum of the disorder, any low-functioning category of autistic persons are the ones that need immediate attention and treatment, as they are not capable of living independently and have impaired communication abilities. These are the persons who get self-inflicted injuries and hence need medications to stop such acts at the first instance.

What about the High-Functioning category

Persons, who have been identified to belong to the high functioning end of the spectrum, are in fact leading a normal life. Though they are also classified as autistic people, they take their autistic condition at their strides and want to live with the condition rather than looking for a cure or treatment. They in fact do not endorse the defeat autism now movement at all.

In both the Aspergers autism and the high functioning spectrum of autism, people are known to possess unique personalities and would like to pursue their blessed lives as such. Many feel that the autistic condition is a blessing in disguise that makes them to show their strengths in fighting the nature’s odds all by their own.

There is no wonder why such autistic people regard the defeat autism now movement as a judgment against them. In fact, in the place of the movement what they want is the simple acceptance of their differently abled neurological conditions by the people blessed with normal neurological abilities.

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