Autism Information Guide

How to Keep the Autistic Child Bright and Happy

Parenting is one of the most demanding jobs on earth yet very gratifying. On the other hand bringing up an autistic child is demanding but when you look after them with love like you do to an ordinary child the result is rewarding.

The parents are dejected and scared when they detect that their child is autistic. To get over this feeling you may have go for a counseling yourself. You will try to learn more about autism and their treatments to cope up with the child and its needs and behavior problems.

Consult your pediatrician first who can guide you to the right therapist. Contact the rehabilitation centre in your area and the parents who visit it with autistic children who can give you more information about autism and its needs.

Take the help of a qualified therapist to choose the right program for your child. Make sure the program suits your child according to his/her skill level.
The parents should provide a safe and relaxed environment at home for the autistic child. For example if your child has the habit of creeping out of the house you may need to fix security locks for the doors but one such which can be easily operated during emergency. Fence the courtyard where you child plays for its safety.

Autistic children very sensitive to touch find it very difficult to bath. Such children when made to use sprinklers or spray guns in the lawn will have fun and their touch with water becomes easier which in turn helps you have a daily bath with fun.

Keep your autistic child engaged both indoors and outdoors. Treat them the way like any other member is treated. Take them along when you go for dinner. Prefer a family type eatery so that even if your child does not behave well it does not matter much. When indoors give the child variety of colors and different type of textures which can keep them preoccupied. Later such programs are of great help later when you child may have to interact socially.

Finally it is the love you give your child helps the child to respond better than any other activity. Even if they do not like to be touched talking can do a great deal. Some autistic children do not respond when you speak to them but it does not matter, they will surely understand the language of love even if they are autistic.

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