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Importance of Keeping a Check on the Signs and Symptoms

Importance of Keeping a Check on the Signs and Symptoms of Autism

Autism a neurological brain disorder begins in the early stages of the child and continues till adulthood impairing their behaviors. It impairs the development in the child both socially and also in communication level. Some children have mild autism while some are severely autistic.

This brain disorder affects their perception, feeling towards others and also the difficulty to adapt o new surroundings. When noticed autistic people look normal except for their abnormal behavior. A high functioning autistic person has high IQ and is very good at arts, music and mathematics. They can never express their intelligence and have self stimulating behaviors.

An early intervention on spotting autism helps the parents to modify the behavior to a great extent. Children who undergo proper treatment and therapies keep away from severe conditions of this disorder. It is important on the part of the parents to identify this autism and keep a regular check on it. With the symptom checklist maintained it is easier to modify the behavior problem with appropriate development program.

Few symptoms to identify autism in children

Lack of proper verbal and non-verbal communication skills

They find it difficult to accept any change in the surroundings and behavior. They cannot adjust to a new circumstance, have repetitive and typecast behavior.

Autistic children are either calm and passive or very hyperactive.

They have no fear and are unable to handle dangerous situations

Lack of imitational skills like facial expressions or signs are seen in autistic children

They do not respond to their own name.

They have poor eye contact and social interaction.

They are absorbed in self wounding activities like scratching their skin and head banging.

They find it difficult to relate to people and also cannot express their feeling for people in trouble.

All the above mentioned signs and symptoms are obvious by the time the child is three years old which denotes that the child is abnormal and needs treatment. Therapies and treatment at the early stage gives positive results.

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