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Link between Autism and Immunizations

Autism is a neurological disorder of the brain which begins in infancy before three of old and continues till adulthood which hampers the normal progress in a person. It affects the social interaction, speech and communication skills and brings about many behavior problems. Children with mild autism can look themselves whereas children with severe cases of autism need caregiver to look after needs. Some assumptions say that immunizations cause autism but till date there has been no proof.

Studies carried out to find out the link between the autism and immunizations have no evidence in this matter. The National Childhood Encephalopathy conducted a test in 1997 to find out the connection between measles vaccine and the neurological function of the person. The result showed no neurological disorder caused by the vaccine or any other malfunction.

There were many tests done continuously for nine years to find out if there is any association between the vaccines and autism. But the tests were futile. Another test done in 1998 by Wakefield and his co-workers showed that MMR vaccine resulted in malfunction of intestines and other degenerated growth in children in few weeks after the administration of MMR vaccine. Nevertheless, the test had its own drawbacks. 4 out of 12 children who administered with this vaccine already had behavioral problems before developing problems with bowels.

So the tests conducted became futile and the opinion had to be changed proving that there is no link between the vaccines and autism. Studies are still going to find out the link between the two but there has been no scientific data. At the same time studies say autism is the result of genetic imperfection.

Lately 30,000 Japanese children from Yokohama in 1988 and 1996 underwent tests and the studies proved that there is no link between the vaccines and autism. The dosage of MMR was substituted with single vaccines but still autism prevailed.

Finally studies prove that immunization, MMR had no connection with autism and parents need not fear about it. The reason for autism is still under investigation and so is the cure for this brain disorder.

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