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Mercury causes Autism – a Debated Theory

Autism has increased manifold since 80s in US affecting 500,000 children which is a serious neurological brain disorder and the reason for this disorder is still a mystery. Previously 1 in 10,000 was autistic in comparison to 1 in 175 today. Research says a new debatable theory that mercury present in the vaccine given to children is the reason for autism.

There have been many incidents where it proves that exposure to methyl mercury causes harm to humans. Some hundred years ago in US a tooth powder came up in the market which has mercury in it. A disease called Pink disease also known as Acrodynia developed which had signs of social detachment and also poor communication skills. Later when the tooth powder supply stopped in the market the disease vanished. Similarly another incident in Japan shows the effect of mercury in human beings. A mercury leak in Japan spoiled the fish in that area and the people who eat the fish came up with a disease called the Minimata disease

People who believe the connection with autism and mercury intake cite the above examples for mercury being the reason for autism in children. They say that genetic disorders along with the mercury are the main causes for autism. The childs incapability of emitting out the excess mercury could be the reason for the problem.

This is a controversial theory as most of the children vaccines include mercury. Earlier it was ethyl mercury included in the infant vaccine called thimerasol which is out of date and later it was methyl mercury. Larger doses of ethyl mercury can harm the central nervous system of the child. The theory says that whatever the type mercury children receive more mercury in the form of vaccines which could be the cause for this autism disorder.

Not all medical scientists agree with this idea and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention formed reports based on this theory and says that thimerasol does not contribute to autism disorder. If this theory holds good then parents will stop vaccinating their children according to the scientists and child specialists.

Finally the root cause for autism remains a mystery ruining the life of the affected children and their families. With more and more scientific research parents hope there will be a solution to the problem of autism.

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