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Symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome – Mild Autism

Human brain is a complicated process and medical science is yet to give a clear picture of how exactly it works. It is a very important tool to a human being in expressing his intelligence. Unfortunately for causes unknown when a chaos takes place neurologically it results in brain disorder cause misery to the person affected and to the people around him. This is the Aspergers Disorder or the Asperger’s Syndrome.

Other than Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder, Retts Syndrome, and Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome comes under the five neurologically based disorders of the brain which hampers the different developmental phases of a person.

A Viennese pediatrician, Hans Asperger explained the concept of Aspergers syndrome is a branch of autism. The signs are more or less like autism and the person looks very much normal so it is termed as mild level autism.

Children suffering from Aspergers syndrome have same traits of autism but comparatively in a milder form. These children have poor communication skill but have good language and cognitive skill.

Although they have malfunctions is certain areas like autism they do not have any delay in cognitive and learning language skill. People with disorder have normal cleverness and brainpower but shows some type of awkwardness. Due to this they cannot understand the social pattern of behavior although they are not socially shy. Aspergers syndrome disorder people can never understand people in distress. They also have poor eye contact, poor gestures and cannot pay much attention in a conversation.

Although an Aspergers syndrome child have good language skill they do not have voice modulation and are usually flat or singsong when they speak. They have liking to a particular subject are very crazy about it.

Aspergers syndrome should not be taken lightly although it is mild when compared to autism and other PDD. Their defects continue till adulthood and in some cases they show individual traits and also alarming signs which do match with reality.

Aspergers syndrome affected people are in a world of their own with limited interests and awkward motor skills. They also show decline in language and social skill and also other abnormalities in behavior. Despite the fact that it is a milder version of autism, it has its own defects that effect the person with this disorder.

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