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The Link between Brain Functions and Lack of Social Skill

The Link between Brain Functions and Lack of Social Skill in Autism

Autism is a neurological brain disorder which develops in infancy and continues till adulthood. The autistic chil has poor communication and social skills along with many behavior problems. They lack in creativity, cannot relate to people and things, had repetitive behavior and never accepts change. Some children show mental retardation to a certain extent due to autism.

Autism ia a serious brain disorder found in children and this disorder has increased manifold in the past decade and is still rising. There are around 1.5 million in US and studies say that there are chances of its increase by 10% every year. Autism mostly affects boys than girls and the reason is unknown.

Research is going on the subject of autism, the factors that trigger it but medical science is yet to get an answer. But scientists believe that genetic malfunctioning along with abnormal functioning of the central nervous system causes autism.

The improper interaction in the brain is the reason for the lack of social interaction in the autistic child. Studies and experiments say that autistic people have a very low brain activity in contrast to the normal people and the lack of social interaction skill is due to the weak performance of the brain.

An experiment done with 16 autistic people and 16 normal people by measuring the brain activity and reaction by showing them a series of images revealed the brain activity in both. They had to spot the differences between the objects and the human faces. Normal people showed high level functioning when shown the human faces and low level functioning when shown the representation of the objects. But all autistic people showed low functioning level of the brain irrespective of the image shown.

Different people explain the results of the experiment indifferent ways. Some are of the idea that the impairment in the brain is the reason for low response in the autistic people. Some say that the inability to focus is the problem than the inability to recognize the objects and human faces. Finally scientists believe that improper interaction between the areas of brain is the reason for their indifference and poor social interaction.

Thus the experiment shows a distinct relationship between the brain function and the poor skills of the autistic people and also the physiological traits of autistic people.

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