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Timely Intervention Helps in Autism Spectrum Disorder

A person who suffers from ASD Autism spectrum disorder is mentally and physically impaired due to the neurological disorder. They lack in social and communication skills and also have strange behavior problem. Like autism this autism spectrum disorder is also spotted either t birth or in the early stages of infancy. It ranges from mild levels to severe conditions.

Today, Autism Spectrum disorder has increased to such level that it surpasses other diseases like Down syndrome, meningitis and diabetes. With this disorder becoming so common the awareness in the society has increased and identified very easily. Children with ASD need regular observation and attention just like the children with autism. An early intervention is necessary to take the right medical treatment and therapy.

Lack of proper knowledge about this ASD make the teachers, parents, caretakers and sometimes even pediatricians neglect this disorder. They just see the physical impairment and fail to detect the Autism Spectrum Disorder in the early stages. Although an early identified Autism Spectrum Disorder can improve the condition and also stop the harmful effects of the disorder many children around 50% get neglected with this disorder till the age of five.

Children with ASD show poor development in socio interaction skills and lack of verbal and non verbal communication. They also have typecast and repetitive behavior along with sensitivity to external factors. The symptoms vary from one child to another and also according to the level of impairment. Although all ASD patients have common features each person is unique and so the treatment depends on the ability of the patient.

Children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder can be easily spotted and they differ from normal children. Some ASD children do not develop any signs in early childhood but show symptoms of the disorder after a certain age and their attained skills slowly starts to worsen. This type is Regressive Autism which is a severe form of ASD.

The causes of this Autism Spectrum Disorder is still unknown but when identified earlier and treated with proper therapies can show positive results in children.

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