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Autism Research- Research in Autism

Autism is a neurological brain disorder which results in improper speech and communication skills and also disability in social interaction. Autistic people have behavior problem themselves as well as with others. They find it difficult to grasp and understand the social moves and so have problem interacting with people. These children often have disability in learning. Unfortunately this disorder has multiplies manifold over the decade. Studies are still going on to find out the functioning of the brain of these autistic people and also how their mind works.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism

Autism is the result of genetic disorder according to researchers. Improper birth condition also causes autism. Children born with brain damage are more prone to autism.

Autism has intricate signs and indications which are difficult to diagnose. Some of the behavior problems of autism which are not noticed in the early stages of childhood become more prominent as the child grows up. Autistic children may signs of disability like the social interaction and other repetitive actions like rocking the body. An autistic research centre can be of great help in diagnosing the problems.

Objectives of Autism Research

The main objectives of the researchers are to ascertain the causes of autism, its cure and also how to avert it. They concentrate on the ways to spot autism at an early level and also the different types of autism. Such detailed research help the therapists to alter modifications according to the type of autism the child has and also plan program for the long run. There is a belief in some researchers that autistic children have complete cure and they can lead normal lives.

There are two types of autism severe and basic. This helps in the research and different therapies given according to the type of autism the child has gives good result. The children need a calm environment to gain proper knowledge and get educated in the social skill. These dedicated learning from the expert along with the support from the parents can enhance the treatment completely modifying the behavior problem of the child.

Autism and Learning

Autism has abnormal behavior resulted due to brain disorder which is marked with speech and communication skills. They also have problem in social interactivity. It begins by the age of three and continues till later part of life. They have problem in learning and are not creative.
There are many a approach to teach and develop the autistic children and adults but many teachers and special educators are aware of all the available tactics of dealing with autistic people. Some teachers who teach only autistic children take the charge of a variety of autistic children. It is difficult for them to cope as each child has a different leaning ability and each one need a unique program. In short the parents are the best teachers for their children as they can estimate the skill of their child and make them learn accordingly.

Here are some Autism Education Centers/Organizations:

The Autism Education Network Their main objective is to enhance the public special education program and to shape the public policy for autistic people. They take the help of modern skill and know-how and also the internet to bring awareness in people.

The TEACCH (treatment and education of autistic and related communication handicapped children) This organization in North Carolina helps autistic people to rehabilitate and become independent and modify other behavior problems. It consists of parents and families of autistic people who volunteer excellent services and support to the autistic people.

NECC(The New England Center for Children) This is a school for autistic children in New England functioning for the past thirty years in imparting Autism Education as a nonprofit autism education center. The school is 20 miles west of Boston in Southborough, Massachusetts. It aims at bringing the best of the autistic children and making their life a useful one. It specializes in imparting education to children in Aspergers syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder and also autism spectrum disorder since 1975.

RAE (resource in autism education) This center aims in giving the best possible behavioral intervention services to autistic children and also to pervasive developmental disorder children. It gives the necessary education to autistic children to make them able individuals.

Thus the above mentioned organizations and centers do they best of services to enhance the behavior problem of the autistic through proper education and treatment.

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