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What Triggers Autism – Is it the Result of Malfunction

What Triggers Autism – Is it the Result of Malfunction Genes?

Autism is a neurological brain disorder which has deformities in the central nervous system. The main causes of autism are still a mystery but people believe that it is the genetic malfunction that causes this autism in children. There is an apparent connection between the strange behavior of ASD and the genetic malfunction when tested with experiments in mice. With the PTEN gene removed from the brain of the mice in some areas it caused symptoms like those of autistic people.

Despite the fact that the clear cause was not determined but experiments showed that malfunction in the part of the brain called hippocampus lead to autism. There was a notable outcome with the PTEN gene removed from that part of the brain in the mice. The experimented mice showed signs of poor social skills and lost interest in other mice. It also turned insensitive to the new surroundings and environment.

The experimented mice showed thick nerve cells and faulty functions of myelin a matter that walls the neurons which helps in the communication of nervous impulses according to the physiological standpoint. This is a big step in medical science which shows the causes of autism. With this new medical treatments when revealed can help in curbing this brain disorder.

The experiment also showed many resembling traits of autism. The experimented mice showed poor interaction with other mice and also avoided their company. It showed poor sings of ability and difficulty in adjusting to the new surroundings. The only difference between the mice and the autistic people was that it did not show any repetitive behavior like them.

Finally the result of the experiment states that there is a concrete link between the PTEN gene and strange behavior. But research is still on and medical science is yet to confirm if the faulty functioning of this particular gene is the reason for the brain disorder called autism.

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