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Acupuncture Therapy and Positive Results in Autism

Today the number autistic children in the population are soaring and there is no permanent cure for this. But as parents they try different types of treatments to defer the problem and acupuncture is one such remedy.

Some ailments are treated and prevented with the help of this Acupuncture. Thin needles placed in certain points as per direction. There are about 400 such points in our body and when they stirred with this treatment called acupuncture an ideal balance is created in the body.

Autism is a permanent disorder of the brain which results in behavior problems, communication and other aspects of learning and knowledge. Autistic children also have secondary problems like sudden outbursts, hyperactivity, bad temper, less attentiveness and other neurotic behavior.

Research shows that acupuncture give suggestive respite for autistic children. It has a good effect in the long run even though it may sound tough in the beginning. Acupuncture is a quick puncture in the very important points of the body and it does not need for the child to stay calm whereas in traditional treatments it is so.

A group of 22 children took part in the acupuncture test therapy every alternative day for four months. 20 children out of the 22 showed positive and amazing progress. Two children had good cerebral blood circulation. But the blood flow between the left and right cerebrum did not remark any changes.

Studies in Hong Kong experimented acupuncture in the tongue for improved results. The outcome was amazing. 30 autistic children showed purposeful advancement according to their age and severity of the condition. The field of spasticity, drooling and ataxia had good and clear improvement. This was seen after one to two courses of TAC except for slight bleeding and pain.

The tongue acupuncture studies say that there is a connection between the heart and tongue through the pinnacles that extend to all the organs in the body. The vital points on the tongue can have a great impact on the other body organs which in turn gives respite to autistic people.

Some people have the belief that acupuncture is not the only solace for autistic people. This treatment in combination with other dietary factors can show a better result in the mood and communication skills of the child. This therapy is temporary but can be maintain till we get a permanent solution.

But the question is where the permanent solution is? The answer is that the experts are still on research on the subject of autism and they need to further investigate in the neurological disorders of the brain and the treatment to curb them. Till then acupuncture can be a boon to the autistic children to get a temporary relief for their behavior problem.

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