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A Modern Approach in Teaching Autistic Children

There has been a clear-cut increase in autism rate in United States. A data which shows 1person in 10,000 in 1970s now shows as 1.5 million autistic people. So a company has started a reading system for the autistic person which is a blessing in disguise for the parents and caregivers who can now improve the reading skills of their autistic children with its assistance.

A fellow worker at Colorado University Dr. Temple Grandin who is the writer of two books on autism has done a considerable research in this subject and how to teach such autistic people and children. She says “Many people with autism are visual thinkers,” She was an autistic child herself and says that she does not think in languages instead think visualizes in pictures which runs in her thoughts.

The Readent learning system formulated by SFK Media built it with this idea. All classic children movies are encoded as “Reading Movies,” and as the actors speak the text is available on the screen which helps the autistic to improve their vocabulary and also understand the language.

The modern approach for teaching, reading by The Readent for autistic children includes all notes by proficient like Dr. Grandin and other scientists. Len Anthony Smith, chief executive officer of SFK Media says that the interactive wordplay dictionary and the quizzes and games for knowledge have a very good impact on the autistic learners.

Grandin gives the following guidelines for teaching children with autism.

As people with autism have problem with remembering long chain of talk it is better to voice one command at a time. They follow the commands better when written down on a piece of paper.

To teach number concept use real visual methods like set of blocks with different size and color from 1 to 10. To teach fractions use wooden fruit cut into half and quarters.

Autistic children with less motor skill have problems in writing efficiently and this problem is solved by letting the child to use the computer to type the matter.

For children with problem in remembering the key board placed near the screen will be of great help.

For children who have difficulty in speaking flashcards help them to relate words and pictures. For children who have difficulty to follow the drawings, real objects and photos facilitate in their learning.

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