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Autism Treatment through Vitamins and Minerals

Autism is a severe neurological disorder of the brain which results in poor communication and social interactivity skills. The indications are spotted in infancy within three years of age. One in 166 people in US are autistic. Awareness of autism in the society is yet to improve but some Ngos research in autism to find out new therapies and treatment for autism.

Vitamins and minerals like folic acid, calcium, magnesium and chromuim in short supply in children cause autism. Children supplemented with the necessary vitamin and mineral nutrient tend to show good progress. When these nutrients are increased through diet autistic children show a lot of progress in the development neurologically and also in the educational level.

Their cognitive, academic skills improved with this extra vitamin and mineral nutrients and also modified behavior skills. Autistic children who were given dimethylglycine, Niacin, Magnesium, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B6 as nutrients showed good improvement says the researchers and the parents of these children.

New and Different Therapies for Dealing with Autism

The most modern therapy in autism is oral secretin. This when given along with vitamins three times a day showed a good change in the behavior within three days. Their social skills also enhanced. The total cost of the secretin and the vitamins together amounted to $60, when continued for two days and the vitamins for a longer period as long as possible.

The next new therapy is the stem cell therapy, live cells therapy, oral organ extracts and the Lyophilisate extracts. These are therapies where either ones own cell, or from animal, or gut cells from brain cells or Lyophilisate whole cells are used in the treatment of autistic persons.

The antibiotic drug vanomycin is widely used as it gets easily absorbed in the gut. Metronidazole, the anti-protozoan drug helps to treat autism as the intestine absorbs it easily and prevents diarrhea which is a common symptom in autism.

Endorphins which gives numbness is blocked with the usage of Naltrexone, a new medicine used for autistic people. This medicine enhances the eye contact, pain sensitivity, reduced typecast behaviors and also self wounding behaviors. There are no side effects till date with this medicine and it also increases the craving for food in autistic children.

Your physician can guide you in more advanced therapies and treatment in autism.

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