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Autism Treatment through Vitamins and Minerals

Autism is a neurological disorder that can present a variety of challenges, including difficulties with social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors. Although there is no cure for autism, there are treatments that can help lessen the symptoms and improve the quality of life for those affected.

One promising treatment for autism is vitamins and minerals. Several studies have shown that certain vitamins and minerals can help improve symptoms of autism, especially when used in combination with other therapies.

Some of the most effective vitamins and minerals for treating autism include vitamin B6, magnesium, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are involved in a variety of biochemical processes in the body, and they have all been shown to be deficient in some people with autism. In addition to vitamins and minerals, other supplements such as probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to be helpful for some people with autism.

If you’re considering using vitamins and minerals to treat autism, it’s important to work with a qualified healthcare professional to develop a plan that’s right for you or your child.

New and Different Therapies for Dealing with Autism

The most modern therapy in autism is oral secretin. This when given along with vitamins three times a day showed a good change in the behavior within three days. Their social skills also enhanced. The total cost of the secretin and the vitamins together amounted to $60, when continued for two days and the vitamins for a longer period as long as possible.

The next new therapy is the stem cell therapy, live cells therapy, oral organ extracts and the Lyophilisate extracts. These are therapies where either ones own cell, or from animal, or gut cells from brain cells or Lyophilisate whole cells are used in the treatment of autistic persons.

The antibiotic drug vanomycin is widely used as it gets easily absorbed in the gut. Metronidazole, the anti-protozoan drug helps to treat autism as the intestine absorbs it easily and prevents diarrhea which is a common symptom in autism.

Endorphins which gives numbness is blocked with the usage of Naltrexone, a new medicine used for autistic people. This medicine enhances the eye contact, pain sensitivity, reduced typecast behaviors and also self wounding behaviors. There are no side effects till date with this medicine and it also increases the craving for food in autistic children.

Your physician can guide you in more advanced therapies and treatment in autism.

Autism – Its Indications

A child never shows any signs of autism during birth and it takes time to note the marked and different behavior. The parents and the caregivers become aware of this different behavior before the child turns three.

The common warning sings and indications of autism are:

1) When the child does not like when held close or embraced.

2) When the child is unable to recognize objects on its own and cannot name when asked by the time the child is twelve months old.

3) When the child not join while you play peek-a-boo and cannot relate it.

4) When the child becomes violent even for a common matter and has a destructive behavior like banging his/her head against any physical thing.

5) When the child repeats a particular behavior like opening and closing drawers or doors continuously.

6) When is more attracted with the parts of the plaything rather than the actual mechanism of the plaything.

Whenever you detect such indications in a child it is necessary that the parent or the caregiver seek the help of a doctor. An early intervention and assessment helps in the treatment of the child efficiently.

Specific body pose, facial expressions are signs of autism. The child remains aloof and does not mingle with other children and does not have an eye to eye contact. They do not emote naturally both during joy and sorrow and also do not respond to feelings of the other person.

Autistic children do not speak or at times have delay in speech. People or children with autistic features have difficulty to have a good flow while talking and tend to repeat some words again and again. So the person has a hitch while talking and continuing it. Swaying of the body, shaking and wringing of hands are also indications of autism behavior.

Autistic children and adults are obsessed with parts of the object than its main action. They set a specific routine and stick on to it at any cost. Any modification in the routine disturbs the autistic person. This can be from the normal activity in day to day life and also in the other practices.

A peep into Autism

Autism is a neurological brain disorder exhibited by one or many children in your neighborhood. Some look very normal and show autism through their sudden outburst or strange behavior. This holds good for us as whenever we take our son to the store or to doctors chamber his uncontrollable behavior shows he is an autistic child.

We feel very awkward when after repeated warning and requests the child behaves strangely with people looking at him amazed. There have been embarrassing situations that make us pass rude comments as they do know that the child is autistic. This is because of the unawareness in the society.

So here are a few lines on autism. It is a serious neurological brain disorder which starts from infancy by the age of three and persists till adulthood. Autism impairs the social and communication skills of the affected children. They have other behavior problems like insensitivity to the surroundings, repetitive behavior, lack of response to touch even by parents, self stimulating activity like rocking, spinning without feeling giddy, self wounding are a few major behavior problems.

All autistic children are unique and the level of autism differs from one child to another. So this variation in autism is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I would like to share the experiences I have with my seven year old autistic son who lacks speech and shows me things by pictures and gestures. His bad temper is due to the lack of communication. Guess how you would feel when you cannot express yourself clearly even when in pain and also feel very sensitive when patted or caressed.

My love for my child has helped me to face the problem bravely despite the fact some think bad parenting is the cause for autism in children. Lack of awareness in the subject of autism makes people say that the child needs discipline and autism is an excuse for many parents. This upsets me but one would know the pain only when they have an autistic child in their family.

There was a time when we felt we were a misfit in the normal society but we have braved the war on autism and after seven years my son is able to wave hello and bye-bye with the behavior therapies we followed. So autism does not affect us and come as an excuse for our normal and happy life.

Unfortunately there are millions of parents who love and support their autistic child in spite of being unhappy situation. It is sad to say that medical insurance does not cover the expensive and most needed therapy for these children. We feel upset when assistive technology and sensory integration are not included in our childrens educational program.

So, as a request to the society I would like to say that whenever you see an unruly child in the store or in public place never comment on the upbringing of the parent. It could be an autistic child unable to respond to the situation which needs your love and affection and not humiliation.

A Modern Approach in Teaching Autistic Children

There has been a clear-cut increase in autism rate in United States. A data which shows 1person in 10,000 in 1970s now shows as 1.5 million autistic people. So a company has started a reading system for the autistic person which is a blessing in disguise for the parents and caregivers who can now improve the reading skills of their autistic children with its assistance.

A fellow worker at Colorado University Dr. Temple Grandin who is the writer of two books on autism has done a considerable research in this subject and how to teach such autistic people and children. She says “Many people with autism are visual thinkers,” She was an autistic child herself and says that she does not think in languages instead think visualizes in pictures which runs in her thoughts.

The Readent learning system formulated by SFK Media built it with this idea. All classic children movies are encoded as “Reading Movies,” and as the actors speak the text is available on the screen which helps the autistic to improve their vocabulary and also understand the language.

The modern approach for teaching, reading by The Readent for autistic children includes all notes by proficient like Dr. Grandin and other scientists. Len Anthony Smith, chief executive officer of SFK Media says that the interactive wordplay dictionary and the quizzes and games for knowledge have a very good impact on the autistic learners.

Grandin gives the following guidelines for teaching children with autism.

As people with autism have problem with remembering long chain of talk it is better to voice one command at a time. They follow the commands better when written down on a piece of paper.

To teach number concept use real visual methods like set of blocks with different size and color from 1 to 10. To teach fractions use wooden fruit cut into half and quarters.

Autistic children with less motor skill have problems in writing efficiently and this problem is solved by letting the child to use the computer to type the matter.

For children with problem in remembering the key board placed near the screen will be of great help.

For children who have difficulty in speaking flashcards help them to relate words and pictures. For children who have difficulty to follow the drawings, real objects and photos facilitate in their learning.

Advantages of Massage Therapy in Autism

Massage gives a soothing effect to the body after a long and tiring days work. All love it and yield to its wonderful experience be it students, workers, officials or any other people from different walks of life. This wonderful healing human touch gives an excellent effect not only for normal individuals but also for autistic people. It may sound as a novel idea but it is true that it is effective in autistic children and adults and they also deserve to enjoy the best in life.

Autism in Detail

Autism is a neurological disorder which begins from infancy and persists till adulthood. The signs of autism become very prominent as the child lacks communicative and social skills. The child withdraws itself and do not like to hold close or hug even by the parents. They do not babble as any other normal child does that is a warning sign of autism. They are also many other peculiar behaviors which should alert the parents. Some people believe it as the result of the surroundings the child lives in but some do not. The reasons may vary but the parents should intervene in the early stages and start with regular modification therapies and treatment to curb the behavior of the child.

How Autism influence the Parent-child Relationship

The parents upset on diagnosing their child as autistic. They feel that they and their child do not deserve this. But nobody can change destiny. An autistic child lives in a world of his/her own. They do not have the normal feeling or gestures which a child does and so fail to communicate. Even if the parent wishes to hug the child they do not cooperate and do not like it. So there is a very poor parent-child relationship.

Research says although the autistic child wishes to get closer to his/her parents he cannot do so because of this/her poor response. Some autistic children also have sensory impairments and have reduced reaction to smell, touch, sound and sight. So they are unaware of their surroundings.

How Massage therapy helps in Autism

Many autistic children when given therapeutic massage responded well. Despite the fact that autistic children do not react well to touch the therapists found a positive response to this massage therapy. Massage therapy helps in creating a good parent-child bonding. But the problem is that all autistic children do not react in the same way.

The results are best when the parents learn the methods of massing and doing it themselves to their child. They know better about the mood and behavior of the child and so can massage the child accordingly. This massage helps them to modify the behavior and can also make them socially understanding. They also come out of the shell they are withdrawn into which can help in social interactivity.

Dealing with an autistic child may be irritating and challenging but with regular massage therapy one can bring an incredible change in the autistic child.

Acupuncture Therapy and Positive Results in Autism

Today the number autistic children in the population are soaring and there is no permanent cure for this. But as parents they try different types of treatments to defer the problem and acupuncture is one such remedy.

Some ailments are treated and prevented with the help of this Acupuncture. Thin needles placed in certain points as per direction. There are about 400 such points in our body and when they stirred with this treatment called acupuncture an ideal balance is created in the body.

Autism is a permanent disorder of the brain which results in behavior problems, communication and other aspects of learning and knowledge. Autistic children also have secondary problems like sudden outbursts, hyperactivity, bad temper, less attentiveness and other neurotic behavior.

Research shows that acupuncture give suggestive respite for autistic children. It has a good effect in the long run even though it may sound tough in the beginning. Acupuncture is a quick puncture in the very important points of the body and it does not need for the child to stay calm whereas in traditional treatments it is so.

A group of 22 children took part in the acupuncture test therapy every alternative day for four months. 20 children out of the 22 showed positive and amazing progress. Two children had good cerebral blood circulation. But the blood flow between the left and right cerebrum did not remark any changes.

Studies in Hong Kong experimented acupuncture in the tongue for improved results. The outcome was amazing. 30 autistic children showed purposeful advancement according to their age and severity of the condition. The field of spasticity, drooling and ataxia had good and clear improvement. This was seen after one to two courses of TAC except for slight bleeding and pain.

The tongue acupuncture studies say that there is a connection between the heart and tongue through the pinnacles that extend to all the organs in the body. The vital points on the tongue can have a great impact on the other body organs which in turn gives respite to autistic people.

Some people have the belief that acupuncture is not the only solace for autistic people. This treatment in combination with other dietary factors can show a better result in the mood and communication skills of the child. This therapy is temporary but can be maintain till we get a permanent solution.

But the question is where the permanent solution is? The answer is that the experts are still on research on the subject of autism and they need to further investigate in the neurological disorders of the brain and the treatment to curb them. Till then acupuncture can be a boon to the autistic children to get a temporary relief for their behavior problem.

What Triggers Autism – Is it the Result of Malfunction

What Triggers Autism – Is it the Result of Malfunction Genes?

Autism is a neurological brain disorder which has deformities in the central nervous system. The main causes of autism are still a mystery but people believe that it is the genetic malfunction that causes this autism in children. There is an apparent connection between the strange behavior of ASD and the genetic malfunction when tested with experiments in mice. With the PTEN gene removed from the brain of the mice in some areas it caused symptoms like those of autistic people.

Despite the fact that the clear cause was not determined but experiments showed that malfunction in the part of the brain called hippocampus lead to autism. There was a notable outcome with the PTEN gene removed from that part of the brain in the mice. The experimented mice showed signs of poor social skills and lost interest in other mice. It also turned insensitive to the new surroundings and environment.

The experimented mice showed thick nerve cells and faulty functions of myelin a matter that walls the neurons which helps in the communication of nervous impulses according to the physiological standpoint. This is a big step in medical science which shows the causes of autism. With this new medical treatments when revealed can help in curbing this brain disorder.

The experiment also showed many resembling traits of autism. The experimented mice showed poor interaction with other mice and also avoided their company. It showed poor sings of ability and difficulty in adjusting to the new surroundings. The only difference between the mice and the autistic people was that it did not show any repetitive behavior like them.

Finally the result of the experiment states that there is a concrete link between the PTEN gene and strange behavior. But research is still on and medical science is yet to confirm if the faulty functioning of this particular gene is the reason for the brain disorder called autism.

Variety Therapies and Treatments for Autistic Children

Autism a neurological brain disorder affects the communication and socio interactivity of the child. Some autistic people have high functioning while some are calm and passive. Some autistic children are also mentally retarded and they may have poor speech or speech at all.

Why autism occurs is yet a mystery but spot it easily by the age of three. This disorder continues till adulthood so an early intervention helps in modifying the behavior problems. So earlier the treatment is begun the chances of improvement in the child is noticed. Every child has different problems so a single therapy cannot solve the problem of all the autistic people. Each one needs different handling according to their learning ability and skill and so the parent should choose the program taking this into account and the parents, teachers, doctors and the researchers agree with this.

A proper blend of behavioral therapies helps the autistic child like the language and speech therapy along with special education. Studies say that play based therapies along with the necessary supplement of vitamins and mineral nutrients can enhance the autistic child. But other problems like improper sleep patterns, anxiety and other malabsorption and digestive problems can hamper their progress.

ABA – Applied Behavioral Analysis

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is also known as the Intensive Behavioral Intervention where the child is given one to one attention and each skill is separated and taught one by one. Parents and doctors prefer this therapy as they see a positive result in the child. Activities start from recognizing colors which is a simple task to an advanced level of learning a language. The children are rewarded for their correct and good response and vice versa. This positive back up encourages the child to learn more and improve a lot.

Dietary Therapy

This therapy believes in supplements of food tthat can bring about improvement in the child. Certain food like milk and gluten have a bad impact on autistic children whereas vitamin B12 and magnesium nutrients help in the control of some behaviors like sudden outbursts, agitated behavior and also improper sleeping patterns

Anti-fungal Therapy

Autistic children have poor bowel problems and also excessive growth of microbes and fungi. So they have good response to anti fungal therapies. They have high absorption of yeast and bacteria and studies say that Candida Albicans, a type of yeast causes autism and also aggravate the behavior problem in autistic children.

Chelation Therapy a new detoxification treatment which is accepted by doctors nowadays is a treatment based on theory of childrens vaccines which are rich in metals like mercury causes autism.

The innumerable therapies available make the parents to choose a combination to get a respite from autism. Around 30% try unconventional methods, special diets, and vitamin supplement to improve behavior in autistic children. Apart from these vision therapy, music therapy, yoga and horse riding help to cure autism. As every child is unique one can never say how much a particular child benefits from a particular therapy. Medical science is still trying new therapies and treatments to fight autism.

Train the Autistic through Research and Education

Autism Research- Research in Autism

Autism is a neurological brain disorder which results in improper speech and communication skills and also disability in social interaction. Autistic people have behavior problem themselves as well as with others. They find it difficult to grasp and understand the social moves and so have problem interacting with people. These children often have disability in learning. Unfortunately this disorder has multiplies manifold over the decade. Studies are still going on to find out the functioning of the brain of these autistic people and also how their mind works.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism

Autism is the result of genetic disorder according to researchers. Improper birth condition also causes autism. Children born with brain damage are more prone to autism.

Autism has intricate signs and indications which are difficult to diagnose. Some of the behavior problems of autism which are not noticed in the early stages of childhood become more prominent as the child grows up. Autistic children may signs of disability like the social interaction and other repetitive actions like rocking the body. An autistic research centre can be of great help in diagnosing the problems.

Objectives of Autism Research

The main objectives of the researchers are to ascertain the causes of autism, its cure and also how to avert it. They concentrate on the ways to spot autism at an early level and also the different types of autism. Such detailed research help the therapists to alter modifications according to the type of autism the child has and also plan program for the long run. There is a belief in some researchers that autistic children have complete cure and they can lead normal lives.

There are two types of autism severe and basic. This helps in the research and different therapies given according to the type of autism the child has gives good result. The children need a calm environment to gain proper knowledge and get educated in the social skill. These dedicated learning from the expert along with the support from the parents can enhance the treatment completely modifying the behavior problem of the child.

Autism and Learning

Autism has abnormal behavior resulted due to brain disorder which is marked with speech and communication skills. They also have problem in social interactivity. It begins by the age of three and continues till later part of life. They have problem in learning and are not creative.
There are many a approach to teach and develop the autistic children and adults but many teachers and special educators are aware of all the available tactics of dealing with autistic people. Some teachers who teach only autistic children take the charge of a variety of autistic children. It is difficult for them to cope as each child has a different leaning ability and each one need a unique program. In short the parents are the best teachers for their children as they can estimate the skill of their child and make them learn accordingly.

Here are some Autism Education Centers/Organizations:

The Autism Education Network Their main objective is to enhance the public special education program and to shape the public policy for autistic people. They take the help of modern skill and know-how and also the internet to bring awareness in people.

The TEACCH (treatment and education of autistic and related communication handicapped children) This organization in North Carolina helps autistic people to rehabilitate and become independent and modify other behavior problems. It consists of parents and families of autistic people who volunteer excellent services and support to the autistic people.

NECC(The New England Center for Children) This is a school for autistic children in New England functioning for the past thirty years in imparting Autism Education as a nonprofit autism education center. The school is 20 miles west of Boston in Southborough, Massachusetts. It aims at bringing the best of the autistic children and making their life a useful one. It specializes in imparting education to children in Aspergers syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder and also autism spectrum disorder since 1975.

RAE (resource in autism education) This center aims in giving the best possible behavioral intervention services to autistic children and also to pervasive developmental disorder children. It gives the necessary education to autistic children to make them able individuals.

Thus the above mentioned organizations and centers do they best of services to enhance the behavior problem of the autistic through proper education and treatment.

Timely Intervention Helps in Autism Spectrum Disorder

A person who suffers from ASD Autism spectrum disorder is mentally and physically impaired due to the neurological disorder. They lack in social and communication skills and also have strange behavior problem. Like autism this autism spectrum disorder is also spotted either t birth or in the early stages of infancy. It ranges from mild levels to severe conditions.

Today, Autism Spectrum disorder has increased to such level that it surpasses other diseases like Down syndrome, meningitis and diabetes. With this disorder becoming so common the awareness in the society has increased and identified very easily. Children with ASD need regular observation and attention just like the children with autism. An early intervention is necessary to take the right medical treatment and therapy.

Lack of proper knowledge about this ASD make the teachers, parents, caretakers and sometimes even pediatricians neglect this disorder. They just see the physical impairment and fail to detect the Autism Spectrum Disorder in the early stages. Although an early identified Autism Spectrum Disorder can improve the condition and also stop the harmful effects of the disorder many children around 50% get neglected with this disorder till the age of five.

Children with ASD show poor development in socio interaction skills and lack of verbal and non verbal communication. They also have typecast and repetitive behavior along with sensitivity to external factors. The symptoms vary from one child to another and also according to the level of impairment. Although all ASD patients have common features each person is unique and so the treatment depends on the ability of the patient.

Children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder can be easily spotted and they differ from normal children. Some ASD children do not develop any signs in early childhood but show symptoms of the disorder after a certain age and their attained skills slowly starts to worsen. This type is Regressive Autism which is a severe form of ASD.

The causes of this Autism Spectrum Disorder is still unknown but when identified earlier and treated with proper therapies can show positive results in children.

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